eTrance Networks

Network Virtualization, Packet Fast Path, Control Protocol, Linux Kernel, IOT, Embedded Device Consulting

Our Company

Etrance Networks is a fast growing technology services and product consulting company focused on Telecom, Networking and IOT. Our vision is to be the preferred engineering partner for accelerating Software and Product Engineering of our customers. We have worked on around 30 projects in Telecom, Networking and IOT with customers in US, India, Middle East, South East Asia and Australia. Our customers are Mobile Carriers, Cloud Service Providers, OEMs and ODMs.
Etrance Network provides Software engineering services to develop 4G/5G Telecom Infrastructure Product, SDN/NFV Packet Core Component, Telecom and Datacenter Router/Switch, IOT Gateway and Edge Compute software platform. We deliver White labeled solution, Custom development, Open source integration, White box integration for customers globally. Our engagement model are Turn Key Projects, Time and Material Consulting and Setup of Off-shore Development Center.
Few innovative product developed for our customers includes MPLS VPN White box Router with Intel DPDK/ Broadcom/ Ezchip, IGP/ BGP/ Multicast Routing and MPLS Control Plane of Metaswitch/ IPI/ XORP/ Zebra, TCP/ IP Stack/ NAT/ Firewall/ ALG/ IPSEC/ SSL for SDWAN/ uCPE, Carrier-grade DPI/ Cyber Security/ PCEF Function, VOIP Gateway, CDN Appliance, Industrial IOT Gateway/ Edge Analytics, Netconf/ MQTT/ REST/ zeroMQ/ MongoDB/ Cassandra/ Kubernetes Management Plane.

Technology Expertise

Network, Telecom

  • Routers, CGNAT, Traffic Shaper, BRAS, Packet Gateway
  • 5G Components – Cell Site Router, RAN Gateway, DPI
  • Media Gateway, BRAS, PCRF, VoD, CDN
  • IPI, Metaswitch, Quagga, FRR, SONIC, 6wind
  • Broadcom, Ezchip, Wintegra, Cavium, Intel DPDK, NXP DPAA
  • Edgecore, Accton, Delta, Ufispace, Alpha Networks

Internet of Things (IoT)

  • LORA, BLE 5.0, LoraWan, GPS, Gateway
  • EdgeX Foundry, Edge Analytics, Rule Engine
  • TI, MediaTek, NXP, ST, Techwell, Wolfson, Atmel
  • VxWorks, Linux, Freebsd, RTOS, Yocto
  • Micro-controller, Firmware, Device Driver, Kernel

Cloud and Mobile

  • AWS, Azure, OpenStack, Kubernetes, Docker, Rancher
  • Spark, Rabbit MQ, Redis, Tornado, OpenCV
  • Node, Express, Passport, Mocasa, Firebase
  • MongoDB, KairosDB, Cassandra
  • Angular, Cordova, React, HTML5, Android, IOS
  • Java, Python, Javascript, GoLang

Our Projects

We have delivered more than 30 projects to our customers in US, India, Australia, Middle-East and South-East Asian countries. Few innovative product developed for our customers includes White-box Router, SD-WAN Appliance, DPDK-IP/MPLS/GTP Stack, Virtual DPI/Cyber Security/PCEF Function, VOIP Gateway, MPLS-VPN Router, Industrial IOT Edge Analytics, IOT Gateway and LORA Infrastructure.
We have worked on multiple projects in Datacom, Telecom, Embedded and IOT. In NFV/SDN space, we have worked on integration TCP/IP Stack in Intel DPDK, virtual DPI Appliance using NXP DPAA.
In Datacom, we have worked on integrating Metaswitch, XORP, IP Infusion Routing and MPLS Stack to Broadcom, Ezchip, Freescale chipset.
In Telecom, we have worked on SIP Gateway, Server using PJSIP, DPI function using QOSMOS and nDPI, Subscriber Management for BRAS.
In Embedded, we have worked on Hardware Schematic, Firmware, BSP, Linux kernel and Device driver for Automotive Surveillance System using iMX and Techwell Chipset. In IOT, we have worked on Hardware Schematic for Water Metering, Location Tracking, Intruder Detection with Device Management, MQTT Communication with IOT Gateway and RESTful Cloud Platform.

eTrance Portfolio

Etrance Network engages in Turn Key Projects, Time & Material Consulting and Build Operate Transfer Model. provide outsourced design, development and consulting services in Telecom and IOT Software Development.

IOT & Cloud

• LoRa Gateway/Node, LORAWAN Network Server, BLE 5.0, BLE Gateway, PLC
• VxWorks, Linux, RTOS, Yocto, Micro-controller, Firmware, TI, MediaTek
• REST, SOAP, Redis, Wakaama, COAP, MQTT, OpenCV, EdgeX Foundry, Tensorflow
• AWS, Azure, Rabbit MQ, KairosDB, MongoDB, Cassandra, Firebase, Docker, Kubernetes, Openstack, Rancher, Edge Compute
• Angular, Android, IOS, HTML5, Cordova, Tornado, Node, Express, Ionic, C, Java, Python, GoLang, JavaScript

Datacom & Telecom

• NFV, SDN, SD-WAN, ONOS, ODL, ONL, ODP, OFP, Virtualization, VNF, Service Chaining, NetConf, SSL, Tail-f, QOSMOS, nDPI, pjSIP, DPI, VOIP, Cloud-RAN
• Open compute, Freescale, Broadcom, Cavium, Marvel, Edge-core, Wintegra, Ezchip, Techwell, Intel DPDK, NXP DPAA, SR-IOV, SONIC, SAI
• Routing Stack, Forwarding Platform, MPLS-VPN, Metaswitch, IP Infusion, XORP, ZebOS, 6wind,
FRR, IPSEC, TCP/IP, IPv6, Multicast


...Your team has contributed immensely in diverse areas of our product, however, I would chiefly like to recommend the contributions made in the area of system operations, network management, command line enhancements, and packet path areas...
Shyamal Kumar
R & D Head, Versa Networks INC





Internet of Things (IoT)

Engineering Design, Development and Support

Technology Consulting, Solutioning and Implementation

Product Prototyping and Product Management